Top 5 Electric Leaf Blowers

Best Overall Electric Leaf Blower:

Makita XBU02PT1

Makita XBU02PT1 Review

I’ve always had success with Makita products and when our old gas leaf blower took a crap, we decided to try out the Makita XBU02PT1. We were not disappointed, this battery powered leaf blower was everything we needed for our property. Right off the bat, the noise level was much nicer, our gas blower was loud and obnoxious. Now I don’t feel like I’m annoying my neighbors every time I clear out the driveway.

It’s much lighter and I can lift it up a ladder to clear the gutters easily. It comes with 4 batteries which is more than enough power for us to clear our smaller front and back yard of leaves. There’s usually even battery power left over to blow the gutters out. 

Makita products have always been good to us. If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, this is the best battery powered leaf blower you can get your hands on.

Best Affordable Electric Leaf Blower:


WORX WG520 Review

Aside from being one of the most powerful blowers I could find, the price point is unbeatable. We picked up the WORX WG520 a little over two weeks ago and it has made blowing leaves a breeze. This is a corded blower, it’s a little heavier than normal but its performance outweighs that. 

The air speeds allow it to blow everything from sticks and yard debris to matted wet leaves in the yard and driveway. We’ve been getting alot of rain and the blower has no problem moving a yard full of wet leaves. I would definitely buy this again and highly recommend anyone looking within the price point to pick one up.

Best Battery Powered Electric Leaf Blower:

EGO Power+ LB6504

EGO Power+ LB6504 Review

My husband picked up an EGO mower a few months back from Home Depot and we loved it so much that we had to get an EGO Power+ leaf blower to accompany it. We’ve been using a corded leaf blower for a few years and while it worked alright, I was having trouble reaching some areas on our property that desperately needed to be cleared. 

This cordless electric leaf blower has a 5.0 ah battery and lets me wander to any area on my property with ease. No more extension cord restrictions! The battery is really powerful and has enough juice to do both the front and back yard in one go.  

It is comfortable to hold and the operation is smooth. The entire unit it’s pretty sleek and stores very nicely in our garage. Once again EGO has blown us away (no pun intended) and we are extremely happy with our purchase.

Best Backpack Electric Leaf Blower:

Poulan Pro PR48BT

Poulan Pro PR48BT Review 

This backpack leaf blower was a game changer for me. I picked up a Poulan Pro about a month ago and was excited to find that it was able to blow manure, tree nuts, leaf clumps and fairly large sticks.

It is fairly light and doesn’t leave you exhausted after carrying it around for a while. The backpack feature takes away a lot of the pull on your hands that you get from a regular electric blower. Because it’s gas powered I don’t have to worry about the restrictions of a corded electric leaf blower. Now I’m able to easily reach all of the spaces on my property.

Although this is my first backpack leaf blower, I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in making their yard work much easier.

Best High Powered Electric Leaf Blower:

DEREAL PRO Cordless-Leaf-Blower

DEREAL PRO Cordless-Leaf-Blower Review 

This leaf blower packs a punch. I was a bit skeptical of picking this leaf blower up because I had never heard of the brand  DEREAL before. But let me tell you, this leaf blower exceeded my expectations, especially for the price. I’ve had some corded blowers in the past that don’t even come close to the blowing power that this puts out. 

The battery lasts long enough for me to handle my entire yard and then some. Anyone looking for a new leaf blower to add to their collection of yard tools, I would highly recommend picking up one of these high powered electric blowers.