Top 5 Dog Nail Grinders

The Best Overall Dog Nail Grinder

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool Review

Dremel always makes quality products so we went with the Dremel 7300-PT. We’ve found that this dog nail grooming tool is safer and less stressful for our dogs. When it comes time to trim their nails I can get in and out quickly without worrying if I’ll cut their quicks.

It has a variable speed option that comes in handy. One of my dogs likes the fast setting and the other won’t sit still unless it’s on the slow setting. The sanding pads are high quality and definitely last an appropriate amount of time. 

If your dogs are like ours and can’t stand going to a groomer to get their nails done, try the Dremel 7300-PT. This thing has made life so much easier for us.

The Most Affordable Dog Nail Grinder

Taotuo Dog Nail Grinder

Taotuo Dog Nail Grinder Review

My dogs hate getting their nails done. I have to break out the muzzles and sometimes I even have to give them something to calm them down. It’s a whole thing. A friend of mine recommended that I look into dog nail grinders to just trim my dog’s nails at home.

I didn’t know what to expect exactly so I decided to find a non expensive nail grinder to try it out. I came across the Taotuo dog nail grinder and for the price, this thing is amazing. It made trimming my dog’s nails extremely easy. 

The variable speed option lets me ease into the process. The nail guard lets me grind safely and it is extremely quiet. I definitely got more than I had expected from such an affordable grinder. If you are wondering if nail grinding is the best route for your pet, I recommend trying this grinder first! 

The Best Cat & Dog Nail Grinder

Wahl Professional Animal Nail Grinder

Wahl Professional Animal Nail Grinder Review 

This home grooming device is perfect for small animals. Whether you have a cat or a small size dog, if they are a small breed this grinder will work perfectly. I was hesitant on scooping one of these up because I thought it would scare my pets. 

When I turned it on for the first time I was shocked at how quiet it was. A friend of mine had a dremel and it was fairly loud so this was a pleasant surprise. The grinding bit on this is not as strong as the dremel. I had expected as much, but this does come with extra sanding bits and sometimes I think the slower nail filing leaves less room for error.

When I pull out my dogs’ nail clippers, they run and hide. They are perplexed by this new device but they let me grind their nails down nonetheless. There is a safety stop feature that stops the tool if I push too hard and the nial guard reduces the grinding dust.  

If you have a small animal that hates getting their nails done I highly recommend picking up one of these. It has made my life so much easier.

The Best Corded Dog Nail Grinder

CONAIRPRO dog & cat Quiet Professional Corded Nail Grinder

Makita XRU15PT1 Review 

My pets hate going to the vet to get their nails done. I always feel so bad pulling up when they start whining anxiously. I figured I’d try a pet grooming grinder and save the trip. And let me say, I’m so glad I gave it a try.

A friend of mine told me to get a grinder with a cord as her rechargeable one ended up having battery issues. I ended up deciding on the ConairPro grinder for pets. 

This grinder has a convenient safety guard cover, is quiet and the rotary tool grinds the nails down very quickly. I recommend going very slowly your first few times until you know exactly where to grind down to. This definitely beats trimming your dog or cat’s nails with a pair of clippers any day.

I would highly recommend this device to anyone wanting to save money on vet visits and for those whose pets are skittish around clippers. It worked for my cat and dog and I bet it will work for yours too!

The Best Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Revie

I’m not usually one to write reviews about products, but this device far exceeded my expectations. I have three dogs, all different sizes. Bringing them to the vet to get their nails done was starting to get expensive so I decided to try out a nail grinder for dogs. 

My dogs freak out when I pull out the clippers, so I figured that a nail grinder might be the solution. My dogs didn’t really understand what was going on and were a bit apprehensive at first but the Casfuy trimmer grinded down their nails in no time. By the time they and I realized it, their nails were trimmed. 

This grooming tool is whisper quiet and I think that’s a huge reason my dogs were okay with it. I really like that this is rechargeable as well. I never have batteries laying around so that was a big selling point. If you’re interested in a rechargeable pet nail grinder, this is the one to get!