Best Baby Monitors Review 2022

Top 5 Best Baby Monitors for 2022

Choosing a baby monitor can be overwhelming with all the options on the market. There are 3 different types of monitors to consider when first deciding what might work best for your family. 

  1. Video Monitors – These come with at least one camera and a video monitor to watch and listen to your child with. 
  2. Audio Only Monitors – These monitors are, you guessed it, audio only! You can hear your kiddo and they usually come with 2-way intercoms.
  3. Camera Only – These cameras are purchased individually and are run through the wi-fi in your home. You use your phone or tablet as a monitor.

Best Baby Monitor for Parents with Multiple Children:

Motorola mbp853 Connect Video Baby Monitor

  1. Comes with two cameras (and the ability to add more on if needed)
  2. 3.5 inch LCD Parent Monitor
  3. Wi-Fi Internet viewing is also available (watch your little ones from an app on your phone!)
  4. Sturdy and lasts
  5. Built in thermostat, night vision, music, two way communication

Motorola MBP853CONNECT Review

I have been using this device for almost a year now and it’s extremely convenient. It is easy to use and connects directly upon setup with no loss in signal throughout my home. This camera system was easy to install and also has a great battery life.

I personally use this app on android devices but it can connect to large screens or be played on the computer.  There is a small 5 second delay when connected but it is pretty smooth other than that. 

The ability to leave the app open and watch what my kids are doing is priceless. This camera is recommended for anyone that has kids and wants to keep an eye on what’s going.

Best Baby Monitor for Parents Who Do Not Need a Designated Monitor:

Google Nest Baby Monitor

Learn how to use Nest as a baby camera. 
  1. All you need is this camera and wi-fi video
  2. Use your phone/tablet/computer as a monitor to watch your babe
  3. Convenient for those who already have nest cams set up

Google Nest Cam Review

This device is priced higher than its competitors, it is extremely user friendly and designed with the customer in mind. The video quality that the Google Nest Camera offers is amazing. 

Motion alerts make this camera great for those that want to keep an eye on their home while away. You are able to turn off motion alerts if you have an animal or child who will be triggering them daily. Flexible mounting makes it easy to wall mount wherever you need it to be.

$100 per year for the first camera and $50 for each additional camera after subscription is a little pricey. It is an extremely fair priced home monitoring system for 24/7 HD peace of mind. The Google Nest also has temperature sensors that can be set up with wireless thermostats for even more home control. Now parents can control the room temperature and humidity directly from their camera.

This is great for those wanting a high quality baby monitor. The Google Nest allows you to watch your child in HD and even speak to them with the microphone feature. Parents are also able to take clips that have been recorded and save them on their phone. This is a priceless feature when you capture your child’s “first” moments on camera and can keep them forever.

Best Baby Monitor for Minimalists:

V-TECH DM221 Baby Monitor

  1. Audio only monitor
  2. 2-way intercom
  3. Great sound quality and no white noise issues

VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor Review

The VTech Dm221 baby monitor is a great option for parents that want to keep an ear on their kids. With no extra bells and whistles, this baby monitor offers a great battery life and a long connection range. One of my favorite features is that it allows parents to speak to their child with the talk feature. 

A big plus that was different from most newer options was that this device doesn’t need to connect to wireless internet. Keep a strong connection with your child without having to worry about failed notifications when the wireless internet goes down. 

Best Baby Monitor to Monitor Health:

Owlet Monitor

  1. Tracks baby’s health statistics (heart rate and oxygen) and alerts you if something is off
  2. Comes with camera and sock
  3. Watch baby from an app on your phone

Owlet Monitor Review

For all parents looking for a way to monitor their baby and keep track of their oxygen consumption and heart rate. The Owlet Due Smart Baby Monitor is about to be your new best friend.  

Setup was fairly simple with this baby monitor. It comes with socks that go on your child’s foot to monitor their oxygen and heart rate.  Owlet notifies you when the sock has come off or gotten loose while your baby sleeps which is a nice feature. 

Being able to check these vitals from my phone makes parenting life so much easier. No more walking over to my child’s crib in the middle of the night. Now I just pull up the app and check their pulse and breathing. 

Best Baby Monitor for a Reasonable Price:

V-Tech VM350 Video Monitor

  1. Comes with 5” video monitor
  2. Great price point
  3. Decent battery life and reliable signal

VTech VM350 Baby Monitor Review

A more affordable baby monitor option that I have had great success with is the VTech VM350. Don’t rely on night lights anymore as this offers great video resolution and night vision. This also uses a wide angle lens allowing you to see more of what is going on.  

The microphone is very sensitive and can pick up the smallest noises. The device allows you to play a variety of lullabies directly from the screen to your child’s monitor. 

The only negative about this device is that the screen unit battery does not hold a charge for long. The rechargeable battery charges up fairly quickly but it can become an inconvenience. But at the price with the features it offers, I’d still say this is a great buy.